$300 Contract (July to August 2023)

From July 4th to August 18th

Foods to eat:

  • Vegetables of all varieties
  • Fruits of all varities
  • Unprocessed meats

Foods to not eat:

  • No breads
  • No pasta
  • No sugary anything
  • No soda (super-hydration with water is my energy drink)
  • No energy drinks*


  • July 4th and July 5th – eat whatever I want
  • Day before, day of, day after a race – eat whatever I want (only races over 5k).
  • Road trip to Oregon – Bread and pasta ok.
  • Roadtrip with Oli – eat whatever I want (approx 7/22 to 7/31)
  • When Olly is in Utah – focus on healthy eating – but this is a diet amnesty period and I can eat whatever I want! (approx. 8/1 to 8/6)
  • Anytime I am with Oli, I can eat whatever I want.

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